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Maggie Dempsey is an actor, writer, singer, and improviser in Chicago. 


Latest Work:


A Very Bloody Christmas Carol

What would a Dickensian Late-Stage Capitalism Musical nightmare look like? We'll show you every gory detail.
Music by Chris Gierymski
Book & Lyrics by Aaron Wegner
Directed by Molly Todd-Madison
Stage Managed by Margaret DeVeer

Ebeneezer Scrooge has changed, but the world has not. His newfound friends and family still bear the weight of London's torrid economy. Inspired to make the banks play fair, Scrooge inadvertently crashes the market and the city burns. When Tiny Tim is kidnapped in the ensuing chaos, Scrooge must face the consequences of his actions in a desperate race to save the boy. But he knows all too well - everything has a price.
Jess Alexander
Maggie Dempsey
Allie Gospel
Dan Krackhardt
Carolyn Moore
Willy Sasso
Heather Marie Scholl
Zachrey York
God Bless us, Every One Percent.

About Me

Maggie is a comedienne in Chicago, IL.  She has studied at the Second City Conservatory,  the IO theater improv and writing programs.  She can be seen performing all over the city, at venues such as Second City, Stage 773, The Crowd, and IO.


As a Navy brat, she considers San Diego home, but most recently lived in Washington, DC.  In DC, she was an active member of the Washington Improv Theater (WIT) community, and acted as Commissioner for the Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament (FIST) for two glorious years.  She was also a player on the independent troupe “Just Moxie” where her love for improv, (and puns and accents and saloon scenes) was honed.


Then in 2013, Maggie moved to Chicago to pursue her comedy career further, and has loved every minute of it.  Here, she has performed on stage and on film, recorded podcasts, and acted as everything from a fairy godmother to a self-conscious junk food lover.  She loves playing period and genre based comedy, biting feminist political satire, and anytime she gets to belt her little heart out.


By day, she is a project manager in the West Loop area of Chicago.  By night, (if she’s not performing, rehearsing, watching or writing comedy,) she is probably geeking out with her two cats, Weasley and Elizabeth, and maybe her husband Dan at her side, reading fiction, trying a new craft beer, daydreaming about her Halloween costume, or scheming up the next big project she can sink her teeth into.

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